Graduation party! Congratulations to Dr. Cheng and Dr. Dicle! - May. 2017

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Octavia Camps

Mario Sznaier

Visiting Scholar

PhD Students

Sadjad Asghari-Esfeden

Taleb Alashkar

Mengran Gou

Wenqian Liu

Bengisu Ozbay

Angels Rates-Borras

Qian Shi

Xikang Zhang

Dong Yin

Master Students

Yuexi Zhang


Constantino M. Lagoa The Pennsylvia State University
Fabrizio Dabbene National Research Council of Italy
Franco Blanchini Udine University, Italy
Necmiye Ozay University of Michigan
Tamer Inanc University of Louisville
Rich Radke Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Stan Sclaroff Boston University
Dana Brooks Northeastern University
Mark Niedre Northeastern University
Jennifer G. Dy Northeastern University
Liliana Lo Presti University of Palermo,Italy
Marco La Cascia University of Palermo, Italy
Kivanc Kose Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Milind Rajadhyaksha Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


Rasmus L. Christensen Visiting Scholar, 2017 Industrial PhD Fellow at Aalborg University, Denmark
Jose Lopez PhD, 2016 Autonomous Vehicle Engineer at Ford Motor Company
Yongfang Cheng PhD, 2016 The Bosch Research and Technology Center North America
Caglayan Dicle PhD, 2016 Computer Vision Engineer at Ditto Labs
Xiangyu Dong Master, 2016
Weijia Wang Master, 2016 Electrical Engineer at Terrafugia
Yin Wang PhD, 2016 Research Engineer at Avigilon
Jing Xiao Master, 2016 Software Engineer at Amazon
Zulqarnain Khan Master, 2016 PhD student at Northeastern University
Ichiro Maruta Visiting Scholar 2016 Assistant Professor of Kyoto University
Oliver Lehmann PhD, 2016 Sr. Research Scientist in Medical Imaging at Siemens Medical Solutions USA
Tom Hebble Master, 2015
Oliver de Quadros Master, 2015 Product Support Technician at Nokia - Withings
Burak Yilmaz PhD, 2015 Senior Control Engineer at Medtronic Minimally Invasive Therapies Group
Alexandru N. Vasile PhD, 2015 MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Xiao Zhang Master, 2014
Walter Lucia Visiting Scholar, 2014 Assistant Professor in the Concordia Institute
Fei Xiong PhD, 2014 Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services
John J. Romano Master, 2013 Operations Product Engineer at Oracle
Xuefeng Han Master, 2013 Senior Software Engineer at J.P. Morgan Asset Management
Binlong Li PhD, 2013 SDE 2 at Microsoft
Mustafa Ayazoglu PhD, 2012
Necmiye Ozay PhD, 2012 Assistant Professor at University of Michigan
Hwasup Lim PhD Senior Research Scientist at Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)
Tao Ding PhD
Tamer Inanc PhD Associate Professor at University of Louisville
Tarak Gandhi PhD
Camillo Gentile PhD
Roberto Lublinerman PhD Software Engineer at Google
Wenjing Ma PhD Software Engineer at Google
Maria Cecilia Mazzaro PhD
Xilin Yi PhD